Founded in 1997 by the late Pastor ES Nkonyeni when he was working for Ziphakamise at Emseni children home.   He saw the need at his community after the violence which took place at Mlozana, Godloza in 1991 and Shobashobane in 1994.  The results of the violence were orphan & vulnerable children, poverty, high rate of unemployment, HIV/Aids, crime and etc.  Ntokozweni village for the vulnerable known as the village ‘a place of joy’ quoted  from the Bible Philip 4:4.Ntokozweni is situated at Mlozana ward 5,kwaMthimude tribal authority, ezinqoleni local municipality, Ugu district, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, is a non-political, non-profit, Christian based organization.   The main aim of the organization is to give love, care and support to the orphan vulnerable children, elderly and people at risk i.e. (caring for the vulnerable people).  He shared the vision with me (his wife) and his fellow Christian members.   

Ntokozweni started operation in year 2000 with one elderly, children home (25 children) income generating project such as Poultry, Garden, Sewing, Knitting and Tuck shop.   These projects started in the early days of Ntokozweni respectively.  We apply for registration as partly a children home and partly old age home with the department of Social welfare now known as (Department of Social development-{DSD})  Registration as a children home was not successful, there were three children home which they said were enough by that time according to DSD statement.   They recommend helping the children within the community and institution being the last resource which resulted into a Drop in centre.  Ntokozweni is registered NPO with PBO, Home for the aged certificate.