Ntokozweni Village for the vulnerable a place of joy, known as 'the Village' founded in 1997 by the late Mr. Enock Sthembiso Nkonyeni a Pastor. The village is a non political, non profit Christian organization  aimed at providing love, care and support to the orphan and vulnerable children, elderly person and people at risk of HIV/Aids.
Ntokozweni started operation as partly a children home with 25 children and partly a old age admitted 01 old man, 5 caregivers, 2 office people and a committee  in year 2000. Income generating project for sustainability of 'the Village'. 2004 to 2011 Drop in centre with feeding programme to orphan vulnerable children staying within the community, 100 to 139 children from school benefited from feeding programme. Home community based care, kitchen soup, support group, Creche & pre-school and income generating project. Residential care for old age.  
1997 – 2017.
Not for profit, Christian based organization.  Main aim: to LOVE, CARE AND SUPPORT the vulnerable people.
For the past 20 years Ntokozweni have been providing the following services to the community
  1. Residential facility for the elderly person (Old age Home)
  2. Early Childhood development to pre-school and crèche children
  3. Drop in centre 3.1 providing meals and school uniform to Orphan and Vulnerable children, 3.2 Distributing food parcels to vulnerable families.
  4. Youth development programmes, providing information and education encouragement to Youth.
  5. Income generating projects for the self-sustenance of the organization.
  6. Job Creation
That could have been not done without the support of the individuals, public, churches and businesses, Donors, Foundations, etc. In celebration of the 2 decades we kindly thank all these people/sectors because without their support Ntokozweni couldn’t have done it. Looking backwards Ntokozweni have MAKE A MARK, and have sustained life’s of the people from the community by caring for the old people and manage their chronic medication which make them to live long. Loving and supported the vulnerable children improving their self-esteem and confidence which give them courage to continue with their school without feeling difference from children with parent and living income. Supported the young mothers with crèche giving them the second chance to continue schooling and make difference in their lives, their families’ lives and the life of the community at large. While caring for the Vulnerable, have created jobs to the members of the community and contributed positively in the economy of the country. And have reduced the poverty and crime in our community. As an organization we CELEBRATE all these success in making a difference in the lives of the vulnerable people. We are praying to God looking forward to 20 years and more Making a difference in other people’s lives. Wishing to host a Celebration day in September. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORTED NTOKOZWENI VILLAGE VISION. For supporting our organization contact Beauty Nkonyeni at 039 534 1220.