To provide love, care and support to the orphan vulnerable children, old age and people at risk of HIV/Aids. MISSION STATEMENT: To provide care, love and support to the vulnerable people, i.e. orphan vulnerable children, older person and people at

 To be the most helpful & successful organization supporting the vulnerable people based on the lower South coast areas. To raise the unique generation with positive mind in terms of HIV/Aids pandemic. 

 1. To provide residential accommodation for people in need of care.  2. To establish various income generating project to support the village.  3. To provide opportunities to the community to attend workshop

 1. Residential care for old age people.  2. Feeding programme for orphan and vulnerable children.  3. Homebase care & kitchen soup for terminal ill within the community.  4. Crèche and pre-school for early childhood

Residential care for elderly persons (old age Home) Ntokozweni Old age Home provided 24 hours residential accommodation, care to 50 older persons.  Three meals a day with tea time and snack in between. Supervise the medication/treatment /high